British Standard Cables

BS6500 Cables

What is BS6500?
A large variety of flexible cables conform to BS6500. The BS6500 range includes flexes and control flexible cables. BS6500 Cables are intended for use within appliances and equipment found in domestic and office environments.

Control Flexible Cables
YY Control Cable, SY Control Cable and CY Control Cable are flexible cables with a voltage rating of 300V/500V. These cables are used as interconnecting cable in control equipment for assembly and production lines, conveyors and for computer units. YY Control Cable, and CY Control Cable are available in both PVC and LSZH sheaths.

CY Control Flexible Cable - Generally to BS6500

BS6500 CY Cable

CY Cable is a flexible multi-core cable also known as Instrumentation Cable, CY Control Flex, Robotic Cable, Copper Screened Control Cable, Shield Control Cable and Motor Cable. CY Control Flexible Cable to BS6500 has a tinned copper wire braid (TCWB) screen and a grey PVC sheath.

YY Control Flexible Cable - Generally to BS6500

BS6500 YY Cable

Similar to CY Cable, YY Control Cable is a multi-core cable. The LSZH version of YY Control Cable can be used in public building projects such as offices, schools and hospitals.

SY Control Flexible Cable to BS6500

BS6500 SY Cable

SY Flex is manufactured similar to YY Control. In addition, SY Control Flexible Cable boasts a galvanised steel wire braid (GSWB) with PVC bedding and transparent sheathing.

Flexible Cables
Flexes to BS6500 are used for domestic wiring in appliances such as pendant lighting drops and washing machines.

218-Y Flexible Cable H03VV-F to BS6500

BS6500 218-Y Cable

218-Y Cable is a common choice for light portable appliances such as radios and table lamps.

2192Y Flexible Cable H03VVH2-F to BS6500

BS6500 2192Y Cable

2192Y Cable is an indoor wiring cable, used on pendant lighting drops and as a general supply lead.

309-Y Flexible Cable H05V2V2-F to BS6500

BS6500 309Y Cable

309-Y is heat resisting Flexible Cable that can withstand temperatures up to 90C. Only available in white, 309-Y is suitable for internal wiring or as supply cords to electrical devices.

318-TQ Cable H05BN4-F

BS6500 318TQ Cable

318-TQ Cable is mainly used in kitchens, offices and areas housing immersion heaters. 318-TQ Cable resists temperatures up to 85C and is therefore suitable for higher temperature environments.

BS6500 Arctic Grade Cable

BS6500 Arctic Grade Cable

BS6500 Arctic Grade Cable is designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures while remaining flexible. BS6500 Arctic Grade Cable is suitable for outdoor applications.


BS6500 Cables
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